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New Danish Dream-Team Aiming to Build the next Location-Based Mobile Hit!

Copenhagen, May 22nd 2018

With support from a group of highly accomplished private investors including David Helgason from Unity, Theis Søndergaard from Vivino and Henrik Kraft who is a former KKR-partner, recently formed game development team Donkraft Digital is excited to reveal their unique game project StreetCars as they race towards a public test launch on June 7th.

A brand new take on location-based gaming!

As the name suggests, StreetCars is a car-themed game for iOS and Android. It features a simple, easy to learn, difficult to master multiplayer racing component where players compete on a variety of tracks.

However, what makes StreetCars truly exciting is the unique way players obtain vehicles:

At any point in time, players can use their phone to scan the license plate of any real car they find in the street to obtain a digital version of the car with matching features and performance. Afterwards, players may choose to tune and style their favorite models, and use them to race against their friends for cool prizes.

About Donkraft Digital

Street Cars is developed by Donkraft Digital, a Copenhagen-based joint venture consisting of experienced app development house Cromian, and the quirky game studio Game Swing behind the acclaimed Stikbold! A Dodgeball Adventure.

Apart from a team of talented developers, StreetCars is backed by a group of highly renowned investors including David Helgason, co-founder of Unity, Theis Søndergaard, CPO at Vivino and Henrik Kraft who is a former partner at KKR.

Theis Søndergaard about his investment in StreetCars:

When Kristoffer (CEO at Donkraft Digital) asked me if I wanted to invest in StreetCars, the answer was actually right up my alley. Personally, I love racing games and given that you scan cars in StreetCars the same way you scan wine bottles in Vivino, I know I can bring a decent portion of knowledge and expertise to the table.

Help us make it great!

StreetCars is still in a pre-alpha stage and a bit away from an official launch. With the test launch in June, Donkraft Digital is primarily asking players to show them how to make StreetCars the best game it can be.

Kristoffer Nielsen, CEO at Donkraft Digital, about the test launch:

StreetCars is an incredibly exciting challenge – it is not too often in a career you get to work on something truly unique. But it also means we are venturing into largely unexplored territory. We hope players will help us find the right direction so we can make StreetCars as awesome as possible.

StreetCars will be available for download on Apple App Store and Google Play in Denmark on June 7th, 2018



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Press Contact

If you want to learn more, have questions, requests or just want to follow StreetCars – check these channels:

Email: Contact@Donkraft.Digital
Twitter: @StreetCarsGame
Instagram: @streetcarsgame


Donkraft Digital
Copenhagen, Denmark

Release date:
June 7th, 2018

Android, iOS


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